The goal of the data science club is to prepare students towards a future career in data science. We hope to achieve this through lecture series, projects, recruitment events, resume workshops, and on-campus ethics events. Please check out the FAQs page for more information.


All your questions answered in one place
Q.When and where are meetings held?
Location: McHenry 1270
Metting Times:
Monday: 6-7:30pm
Q.Do I need any data science experience to join the club?
No. All that is required is your willingness to learn.
Q.What does the data science club do in meetings?
We work on the projects that are listed above. We have people working on a wide array of data science techniques. Some work on producing visualizations to help us understand connections in the data. Some work on recruiting people from all majors on campus. Some work on understanding the mathematical theory of data science algorithms. Some work on coding our databases. Some work on making this website. Etc...
Q.Will this club intellectually challenge me?
Yes! There are people with many degrees of experience in this club. We will have PhD students visit our club next quarter to give lectures and we have connections with faculty members on campus. Cultivating connections with club members is valuable toward a future career in data science
Q.Does this club have any social events?
Yes! While the clubs focus is primarly technical, from time to time the club will have events such as the data science slugs all nighter, data and democracy, recruitment fairs, and resume and internship workshops.
Q.How do I become an officer?
Every year the president of the club will evaluate who they belive the officers should be. Evaluation will be based off meeting attendance, responsibilites taken on, overall contribution to the club, passion in data science, and overall ideology for the direction of the club
Q.Why was this club created?
The club was created to bridge the gap between current data science job requirements and the lack of a specific data science degree at our university. Our club strives to prepare our students for generations to come. We hope to educate students on the ethics of data science as well.
Q.Is this club accepting sponsorships?
Yes we are always accepting sponsorships. Sponsorships are imperative towards developing connections with acedemia, government, and private industry. Club funds will be used toward recruiting, software licenses, cloud credits, and outings
Q.How does the club decide on what projects to do?
We will evaluate projects on rolling basis on a variety of factors. We hope to work on projects that will advance the social good while fostering connections with academia, government, and private industry.
Q.I want to get in touch. Who should I contact?
If you want to get in touch for any reason. You may contact the president, Ryan Darling, at